Letter of Intent Instructions

In order to enroll your student we will need you to submit a Letter of Intent by email, to your Resident District. Please copy isorphfax@k12.com on the email so our school has the required proof that your Resident District has been notified. 

Instructions for your Letter of Intent

  1. Legal School District Email Address goes in the "To"
  2. isorphfax@k12.com goes in the "CC"
  3. Letter of Intent goes in the "Subject"
  4. Include specific reasons for enrolling

Student (if 18 and over) or parent must send an email to the residing school district and cc ISOR-PH on the email requesting your intent to enroll with reasons as to why.

Sample Email:

Sample Email

If isorphfax@k12.com is not included in the response from the school district, please forward the response to isorphfax@k12.com.