How Online Education Works

Public School Accountability

As an online charter school, Insight School of Oregon-Painted Hills (ISOR-PH) is publicly funded and available to students in grades 7–12 throughout the state of Oregon. ISOR-PH provides the structure, administrative support, oversight, accountability, and state testing required of all public schools.

Individualized Learning

ISOR-PH allows students to learn in ways that are right for them. The key is our individualized approach. We develop a comprehensive learning plan with objectives for each child. This creates a customized education for each student that is focused on his or her unique learning needs, goals, and interests.

Exceptional Academics

ISOR-PH uses award-winning curriculum and learning services from K12. Your student's learning can happen at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection is available. Day-to-day procedures, such as recording attendance, teacher interactions, and coursework are conducted online. While lessons are online they also use hands-on materials and offline tools.

Technical Training

In addition to exceptional academic curriculum, ISOR-PH offers groupings of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses built around two career pathways. Each cluster of courses focuses on required knowledge and skills, allowing students to explore a variety of occupations and industries.

Certified Teachers

ISOR-PH teachers are Oregon-certified and trained in their specific subject area. At the middle and high school academic levels, while parents or guardians are involved in their child's learning by offering oversight and guidance, students work at more of a collective pace with a class of students in conjunction with the teacher. Students interact regularly with their teachers through e-mail, telephone, and online meetings.

Superior Teaching Tools

Each ISOR-PH student receives boxes of materials, including a wide array of textbooks, CDs, videos, and other hands-on tools and resources. These materials complement the interactive online elements of our program, ensuring that students receive instruction using the best method for each subject matter. If eligible, students also receive a loaned computer for the school year. Subsidized Internet access is also provided.

Extensive School Support System

ISOR-PH provides an extensive support system for both parents and students. Monthly networking opportunities are provided through various events and outings, enabling parents and the entire school community to keep in close contact.

Family Academic Support Team

The Family Academic Support Team (FAST) empowers students to overcome challenges—be they academic, social, emotional, medical, or otherwise—to succeed in school and beyond. This holistic approach includes early intervention, support services, and linking families to school and community based resources. FAST members and teachers work with families to provide the extra help needed to enable students to stay motivated and on track.