Student Success Program

How We Help Students Succeed

We believe in unlocking every student's potential. Many students struggle in traditional brick-and-mortar schools—frustrated by failing classes, struggling to keep up, feeling unsafe at school, or dealing with personal problems. No matter the circumstances, our approach can help students succeed and thrive.

Individualized Approach

Every student has unique challenges and ways of learning. In order to address each student's needs, we give Insight students a benchmark test to assess their skills in various subjects. From there, we develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to place students in the appropriate courses, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and create a plan to chart their progress.

Our highly qualified, state-licensed teachers tailor their instruction to each student as well as provide help outside the classroom. In coordination with experienced advisors and counselors, our teachers help students stay motivated, set goals, and stay on track for graduation.

Our program also helps map out career and higher education goals by offering college and career planning tools and personalized support.

Structured for Success with Personalized Support

In order to ease students into the Insight school environment, we give them a lightened course load their first year to ensure they get off to a good start. This helps students get used to Insight's structure and sets them up for success.

Insight high school students enjoy a weekly advisory period to build strong relationships with classmates and a caring advisory teacher.

In addition, our Family Support Team includes a licensed social worker and other family support personnel to help students stay on track through early interventions, wrap-around supports, and engagement strategies.

These unique programs strive to ensure students are ready to learn by helping them work through non-academic issues, with sensitivity to the realities of their personal and family situations.

Engaging Tools and Powerful Resources

We want to make sure your student receives the individualized attention to help them perform at their grade level. The Insight academic team's remediation program identifies students' specific skill deficiencies and develops individualized remediation plans to address skill gaps. We then prescribe a personalized plan for each student, utilize a proven model of instruction, and track and analyze performance. In case a student needs to recover a credit, our extensive credit recovery courses are designed to efficiently and effectively make that happen.

We couple state-of-the-art teaching techniques with interactive learning to make students feel engaged, empowered, and challenged. By incorporating audio, video, live chat, printed materials, and group interactions into the curriculum, our students can learn in the ways that work best for them. Our teachers utilize interactive virtual classrooms to provide one-to-one student–teacher meetings and live instructional sessions.

All in all, we believe Insight's holistic approach gives every student—including those who may be struggling—the best chance for success in school and in life.